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During the Sunday Celebration Service, we will observe the Lord's Supper (Communion). This is a mark of community for Christian churches all over the world. While there are differences in the way many of these churches observe this ordinance, the central focus is God's Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ established the Lord's supper.

Those who would like to participate in the Lord’s Supper will be invited to the front to receive a small communion cup which contains both bread and juice. Once everyone who is participating receives the communion cup and has returned to their seat, they will be instructed to remove the bread by lifting the top film of plastic. A prayer will offered and then the congregation will eat the bread at the same time. The same will happen regarding the grape juice. We eat the bread and drink the juice together to symbolize the unity we have in Christ as a community of faith.

We invite all Christ-followers to partake. A Christ-follower is a person who has allowed Jesus Christ to become his/her forgiver and leader, Savior and Lord. They have asked God to forgive them of their sin and for the work of Christ on the Cross to be applied to their lives. If this describes you, please share in this time of communion with us.

Children who have made a faith commitment to God's Son, Jesus Christ may participate in communion. However, the decision to allow a child to participate is left to the child's parent or guardian. We encourage parents to sit with their children and instruct the child in what to do.

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