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Written By: Kathy Wallis

Kathy Wallis is the leader of the Senior Citizens ministry of white Marsh Baptist Church. She is also the Sunday School teacher for the older elementary school children, grades 3-5.

Hello everyone,

I am Kathy Wallis, and I am the White Marsh Baptist Church Senior Citizen ministry group leader, called “Angels”. It is a group of Seniors who are 55 and older. Angels is currently consists of multiple churches and denominations.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month, from September through June, at 10:00 until about 12:30 or 1:00, in the Fellowship Hall of White Marsh Baptist Church on Silver Spring Road in Perry Hall.

I call our gathering, “Fun, Fellowship, Faith and Food”.

We meet at 10:00, and have some Fun with a Craft, and a word search game.

We Fellowship at this time, with some Socializing.

Around 10:30, we have a very short Business meeting, and acknowledge birthdays for the month.

We then have a Prayer Request time for our Families and Friends.

Around 10:45, we have a “Faith” time, by someone  “Sharing” something that our Lord has laid on their heart. Various people including Pastor Dave and myself have been the speakers. It’s a time where we can learn something about the Lord, or to get closer to Him.

Our lesson this past month was “What God is”.  The April time is going to be some Prophecies about Easter.

Then, we have a Lunch, (the “Food” part!) together, provided by the Church, (during this Covid time).

It’s a Fun time together.

We just met on March 9th, so here is a picture of our group. Our next meeting will be April 13th.

It would be nice if you could join us.

Call the church office or contact me, if you are interested.

Hope to see you soon.

Love in our Lord!

Kathy Wallis

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