Angels June 2022

Written By: Kathy Wallis

Kathy Wallis is the leader of the Senior Citizens ministry of white Marsh Baptist Church. She is also the Sunday School teacher for the older elementary school children, grades 3-5.

Well, “Hello!”. It’s Kathy Wallis of White Marsh Angels.

HAPPY SUMMER! Or, it seems like Summer to me, even though some of the schools aren’t quite finished yet.

Our last Angels meeting was last week. We had 25 friends all together,

And, Pastor and Church Staff didn’t have to cook. Nice! We ordered lunches from a local Carry-out restaurant. And, it was good! It smelled good! I have a feeling that some of us may go back there.

We did a “Birthday Theme” with Balloons, Bubbles to take home, Cupcakes and Ice Cream to celebrate everyone’s birthday, those in June, those in the Summer, and everyone’s. So, “Happy Birthday!”, whenever your birthday is.

“Angels” usually meets the second Wednesday of the month, at 10:00, at White Marsh Baptist Church, on Silver Spring Road, except for the Summer months. And, we have a “Game Day Get Together” every fourth Wednesday of the month, from 10-12, and we will continue to do that over the Summer months. Hope you can come. It gets us out of the house, and we get to socialize some. That’s nice, especially since we’ve been in doors more because of crazy Covid.

Well, I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Summer. Remember to think about our Lord, read your Bible and continue to pray. Maybe read a book of the Bible that you haven’t read before, or haven’t read in awhile. Sometimes, when I’m reviewing a book of the Bible, I’ll read the Subtitles, and if I come across a section  that I don’t remember, I’ll read that for the day. I like to read in the morning and in the evening. I’ve been reading Deuteronomy, and it’s been Great. A good Moses Review.

If you have a Prayer Request, let me know and we can pray for you, if you want. Take the Lord with you if you go on vacation; God doesn’t go on vacation! Listen to some good music, too. And, don’t forget to continue to give to your Church even if you go away. 

Have a good day and week and Summer.

Take care.

Love in our Lord!

Kathy Wallis


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